Art Jingle Album Covers offers big formats of of emblematic album covers from the sixties.

Its first approch is based on the force of the selected images. The oil painted album covers enlargement come from prestigious catalogues with a broad choice of artists and mythical albums.

Art Jingle Albums Covers
offers to passionate collectors or regular fans an artwork in which the forms and colours are perfectly realised, but also a support of ambiance. From the first glance, pure emotion and esthetical pleasure arise. The proposed big formats evoke the soul of most popular artists, let you hear the music and match the image with the sound.

"Blue Note Records" label has been selected for its extraordinary grphical imprints: an inescapable and flowless style.


The paintings are offered in three sizes. On demand, they can be adapted to different exhibition spaces, private or professionnal:

Large : 120x120 cm

Mediun : 90x90 cm (100x100 cm for Prestige Records)

Small : 60x60 cm

Skilled painters selected for their unique technique realize these artworks. Each artwork is hand made in oil painting mounted on canvas under high and constant standard of quality.

A certificate of authenticity, proof of quality and origin, is stucked on the back of each artwork.