JOSEPH – Post Pop Artiste

Post pop-art artist

Artist-painter, born in Paris in 1974, JOSEPH celebrates humour and superficiality while denouncing the era of consumerism. These colourful works, to which they lend a retro look, draw their inspiration from advertising, comic books or even can capsules, symbols of the pop universe of our society, which the artist celebrates in all its forms.


The varnished finish of his works echoes the enamelled billboards of the first half of the 20th century. A finish that underlines an ideal world, an American dream where the always beautiful women and always smiling men are encased in a layer of resin and epoxy, frozen in a penumbra of self-dark reflection, a pale copy of a copy: life that imitates art that imitates life.

Modular works

Joseph is visually inspired by the symbols of the consumer society but goes further. Starting from the observation of a population that is never satisfied, thirsty for change and possibilities, he constructs works that are thought out in a modular way, composed of linked panels that are deconstructed and rebuilt according to his desires.
Joseph pushes pop art to its logical conclusion: an art form where the consumer takes his place alongside the artist in the creative process.