Julien ALLEGRE – Sculpteur français

Involved sculptor

French sculptor born in 1980, he lives and works in the Vaucluse region in the south of France. Like sentinels, his metallic silhouettes link the archaic to the contemporary. Starting from already formed objects, he frees the material from any functional necessity. These Fossil-Men are the reflection of ten years of progress on the material which becomes the guardian of nature.

Shaper of matter

Julien Allègre works with metals. He shapes the material with strength giving shape to the industrial drums he uses for most of his works. His favourite materials are bronze, brass and metal. He arms himself with acid to ravage his medium.

Sculptures homage to nature and humanity

Julien Allègre’s sculptures show his admiration for nature. Here the metal finds its expressiveness through roughness and oxidation, it is reincarnated and invested with an extraordinary vitality. His characters or masks, borrowed from respect, give off a spiritual intensity.

Monumental works

Julien Allègre creates monumental works of art for collectors who redecorate their exteriors and gardens. These works sometimes go up to 3 meters high.