PSYCKOZE – Street Artist

PSYCKOZE, pillar of graffiti culture

PSYCKOZE is a French street artist born in 1969, he is one of the pillars of graffiti culture in France.

PSYCKOZE began its art in 1984, and since then, its frescoes and graffiti are visible all over the world and even in the catacombs of Paris. Also working in the workshop, the works of PSYCKOZE are a sought-after mixture between the tag, the graffiti, the drips of paintings as well as figurative patterns such as his faceless characters, who became over time his flagship character.

A commited artist

From New York to Tokyo or Bombay, PSYCKOZE exhibits in many cities around the world, in galleries as well as in public spaces. He thus carried out several collaborations with French institutions like the French Embassy in Tokyo or with the French Institute within the framework of the Bonjour India festival in India, with the Embassy of the United States within the framework of the fresco project Mural Art Program of Philadelphia. He thus painted around the world a “Guardian angel of love”, a drawing inspired by the Indian gods, a faceless character with angel wings carrying love as a precious object to be preserved. The Guardian Angel has gradually established itself in the artist’s approach as a symbol and universal message of humanity to spread around the world.