Bernard BUFFET

Bernard Buffet is a French expressionist painter born in Paris in 1928 and died in 1999.

At the age of 15, he entered the National School of Fine Arts. Introduced to collectors by the painter Aujame, he received the Prix de la Critique at the age of 20.



Bernard BUFFET is a master of miserabilism which has its place in the greatest museums. In Japan, a museum has even been entirely dedicated to him in Higashino with nearly 2000 works presented.


A recognizable style

Bernard BUFFET’s personality will be revealed in 1947 with his first angular characters which will classify him in the expressionist miserabilist movement. His works are strong, poignant, the determined drawing stretches out like a plea.

The style of Bernard BUFFET is identifiable among all by the networks of straight and dry lines which he had made his pictorial system. Grey faces, wrinkled foreheads, stiff or sparse hair, clenched hands, his characters seem crucified.