French of Catalan origin, Henri Iglesis is an artist who works metal.

Referring to the helium balloons of our childhood for his Petits Bonhommes, the artist frees himself from the intrinsic constraints of the metal material to give it the appearance of the object synonymous with the greatest lightness. For Henri Iglesis, metalworking is a family affair, his grandfather was a blacksmith and sheet metal is a legacy that was passed on to him by his father, a tool-maker whose workshop was his playground and where he was able to learn the ropes of the trade. They gave him the taste and passion for manual work and obtained his degree as a boilermaker and welder. He imagines in the 2000s his unique process to inflate the sheet metal which he takes care to deposit and which is now protected by copyright.


In 2008, while imagining a statue with the effigy of his son, he decided to inject air into a piece of sheet metal previously welded and gave birth to his first work made of blown metal. By inflating the sheet metal, Henri Iglesis allows it to unfold freely and gives randomly a role in its creative process. This technique has since become his trademark, since he now declines it in all his works. By adding chromed or lacquered finishes, glossy, matt or satin varnish, it comes in acidic or Klein blue, chocolate, or more elegant colors with purple, black or white to give them all their singularity.

The result of the unexpected marriage of metal and air, heaviness and air, the artist summons the child in each of us, who irresistibly would like to touch to understand.