Nasty is a Parisian urban artist born in 1975. His story begins in 1988. Influenced by New York graffiti and the hip hop movement, he began graffiti in Paris: his “imprint” became very visible in the capital and on the metro.

He distinguished himself by covering metro trains with colorful frescoes until the mid-90s.

Outside the walls, he left his mark on the enamel panels of the Paris metro.

Subsequently, other original media renewed his enthusiasm with institutions and the public alike. This desire to defend the origins of graffiti and a body of work that emphasizes writing in all its forms make Nasty an authentic and unexpected artist.

Recognized by his peers, institutions and the art market alike, he is one of the most influential artists in the street art world today. Present in numerous private and institutional collections, his work has been exhibited since 1992 in the most prestigious urban art galleries in France and internationally, notably in Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing), at the Grand Palais in 2009, at the Palais de Chaillot…