Alain-François Bouvier de Cachard was born in Paris in 1936. His artist’s name is Raya Sorkine, his mother’s first and last name. His mother, a Russian-Jewish emigrant, passed on to him her Semitic and Slavic culture. He therefore lives in a joyful Jewish culture, punctuated by traditional festivals and music, whose colors, events and atmosphere resonate in his paintings. His culture is therefore the essential influence.

But we can also see that his work is synonymous with a mix of cultures, developed in his childhood by his many travels and wars. As he grew older, he continued to travel throughout Europe, and translated all his knowledge of the world into his work: it was cultural difference that made him and his work grow.

When he plunged headlong into painting at the age of 22, he had no contacts who could help him in his approach. For over ten years, Raya Sorkine lived in squalor: “a tent was my luxury”.

After his travels and his culture, his third source of inspiration is women. His four wives and seven daughters are all his muses.

Raya Sorkine’s paintings are peopled by contrasts. Even if the characters’ eyes reflect the horror of the times (with the Shoah, for example), the colors sing the hymn to life: yellow, red, green… They convey a serene optimism.

Since 1962, he has exhibited in galleries and museums in France and abroad (Germany, Japan, USA…).