SHEINA – Artiste Illustratrice

Graduated from a master’s degree in art and digital direction, in Peninghen, she obtains the mention “Excellent”. Today as a freelance, Sheina Szlamka lends her colourful universe to many brands such as Pandora, Le Chocolat Des Français or the Babel agency.


She knows Adobe software inside out, but today it’s another medium that she works on a very tangible support, the painting canvas. These exclusive works are to be found at the Art Jingle Gallery.

Artistic approach

Sheina finds that her city Paris lacks poetry. She then takes refuge in her own delirious universe, creating her own utopian city, straight out of her nocturnal mirages. She then retraces her dreams on digital and artistic media. In fact, it is the meanders of her imagination and her dreams that Sheina wishes to transcribe in the daily life that she finds morose.

This is the reason why she became an illustrator, in order to bring her personal touch to the world, softness in this brutality, a bit of unreality in reality. Her collaborations are made to brighten up corporate supports.

Her collaborations

SHEINA modulates its world in different sectors. Whether it is the press, luxury goods or the festive world, its creations are available in many different variations. She designed the cover of the book “Les Audacieuses”, of L’Express and of the magazine Le Un, imagined the poster for the book fair, the graphic design festival and the 24h du Mans, textile designs for Ana Quasoar, catalogues for the Pandora brand, among others.