Since 2004, the Art Jingle Gallery has been presenting confirmed but also emerging contemporary artists.

We represent a selection of French but also foreign artists coming from England or Italy…

Following a direction that is sometimes urban, sometimes pop, the proposed artists give a great diversity of talents such as the collagist artist Pierre-François Grimaldi, the visual artist Costa, the graffiti artists Chanoir and Nebay, the designer Maud Vantours… with whom the gallery collaborates faithfully.

The Galerie Art Jingle currently offers the works of the following artists:

Fernando COSTA and his sculptures made with enamel signs in metal
Pierre-François GRIMALDI composing with real old Parisian subway papers from teh 50’s
Jérôme MESNAGER with his “Corps Blancs” painted since 1987
NEBAY, street art artist from the graffiti world
CHANOIR and its coloured “Chas”
YRAK and his colored abstract paintings
Maud VANTOURS and her paper sculptures
NANAN and her luminous sculptures
MISS TIC and her graphic poems
JOSEPH and his post-pop works
MICHADU and his sculptures
Le DIAMANTAIRE and his Street-diamond
SVEN and his graffiti
Fernand KAYSER, street-artist “Nouveau Réaliste”
MOSKO  animalist street-artist
YRAK and his colorful abstract paintings
CHUFY between abstract and figuration
Mathieu PIFFETEAU and his optical illusion
NASTY street-artist
Henri IGLESIS and his “Petits Bonhommes”
LEVALET street-artist

We also offer artworks by modern and contemporary artists such as ARMAN , CESAR , Bernard BUFFET , Peter KLASEN , Jacques MONORY , François BOISRONDRaya SORKINE.

With this gathering of different but complementary artists, Galerie Art Jingle proposes a coherent line where each one will find its resonance.

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