Exposition - Le Diamantaire

01 February 2021 - 08 April 2021

French sculptor, Le Diamantaire, lives and works in Paris. Famous for his works that have been exhibited worldwide and are part of permanent collections, he is today one of the most important French Street Art artists.

As a teenager, discovering a graffiti tag in a magazine that echoed him, he decided to embark on artistic projects and study metal work at the same time. So he begins his experience as a street artist in the streets of Caen and since 2011, develops a Street-Art work on the theme of diamonds made with mirrors by reinventing them into public artworks on the walls.

He has created about 2000 of these works placed all over the world. In addition, his monumental sculptures made of steel and mirrors are also superb kaleidoscopic, even kinetic works, where Le Diamantaire, plays with light and volumes.