Exposition - NEBAY 2020

22 October 2020 - 19 November 2020


Tagger, graffiti artist, NEBAY’s field of action is the urban landscape and the paintings he creates in his studio. Since 1987, he is an active member of the collective JCT (Je Cours Toujours!). Executing his paintings with a strength and mastery of colour that is always right, Nebay, a graffiti artist for 30 years, having put his signature on the walls of many capitals, has earned the respect of his peers.


Nebay works both on the streets and in the workshop. His works are made in a very impulsive way, always very colourful with explosions of colours and shapes. He takes his tag “Nebay” in the flops, in the blocks, his tag sometimes appears in an accumulated way.

Close to the current of action painting, a technique dear to Pollock from whom he borrows the famous “dripping”, flops, blocks, accumulations are all techniques used by the artist who takes up his Nebay tag. His canvases offer a striking strength and mastery of chromaticism. NEBAY’s work is charged with a singular and explosive energy.