Exposition - Pierre-François GRIMALDI

26 November 2021 - 31 December 2021

Born in 1969, Pierre-François GRIMALDI lives and works in Paris. His work begins by a search for material : posters from 30’s to 50’s still present in the Parisian Metro. It was during renovations of stations that the artist , as an archaeologist, on the trail of the past and appropriates these posters. Memory of History , these pieces of paper exposed and vulnerable witness of their time either in their subject ( politics, advertising , informative ) and their graphic content, typography and color palette used.

Pierre-François GRIMALDI collected , rediscovered and renovated them in his workshop. He then created paper compositions that are stuck on canvas to give them another reading direction in a permanent aesthetic research. These compositions are abstract, modern, strong, colorful and unique at the same time. In a society where image is omnipresent and our urban landscape is saturated, the artist finds the remains of forgotten premise of our mass consumption.

In the footsteps of the New Realists ( Jacques Villeglé , Raymond Hains ) , joined his art of the assembly and accumulation of elements taken from everyday reality, but here belonging to the past. Modernity trumps nostalgia.

A contemporary poetry with old faces codes.